Venice tourist information

Venice tourist information

Boat Fares in Venice

The single water bus fare is € 3,50 for one journey on the Venice network, excluding the Alilaguna, Fusina, LineaBlu, Clodia lines and Actv routes along the Grand Canal. Single tickets can also be bought on board. In this case, however, it must be requested from the attendant on boarding. A one-day return water bus ticket may be bought for € 6,00 and is valid until midnight on the day it is first stamped, and only along the Grand Canal. The fare for a shuttle journey from one stop to the next one across the Grand Canal, or on the section between Lido and S. Elena, or S. Giorgio and S. Zaccaria, is € 1,80. Continue reading “Boat Fares in Venice” »

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Venice tourist information

Transportation in Venice

Public transportation in Venice is run by ACTV (Azienda Comunale Transporti Venezia) they activate busses, trams and ferries.

Several bus lines connect Venice to land junctions such as Mestre and Marghera. All the lines arrive in Venice Terminus on Piazale Roma. Continue reading “Transportation in Venice” »

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Venice tourist information

Venice Weather

Venice weather is strongly infuenced by the sea. Venice is located by the sea, or rather on the sea, so the warm water of the Mediterranean keep its climate moderate. Venice weather doew not include many huge surprises.

Looking at the average temperatures and number of rainy days it seems that Venice is pleasant and welcoming all year round. To an extent it is so, but there are two things you should remember:

First, Venice has no sewer system. They are working on it, but in the meantime, the odor of the canals during the summer can be quite unpleasant.

A second thing to remember is the sad fact that Venice is covered by water more and more often. In some days it is impossible to walk in Piazza San Marco, and people have to walk on elevated platforms to pass the square. This happens more often during winter.

You can see a computer generated forecast of the water levels in Venice , or call a number on the same page for current levels.

Having sayd that, I will give you the average temperatures:

Average temp Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Day F 43 46 54 63 70 77 81 81 75 66 54 46
C 6 8 12 17 21 25 27 27 24 19 12 8
Night F 34 36 41 50 57 63 66 64 61 52 45 37
C 1 2 5 10 14 17 19 18 16 11 7 3
Rainy days 6 6 7 9 8 8 7 7 5 7 9 8

When your trip comes closer you may want to see the actual forecast: Hit CTRL-D to bookmark this page

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